Shine from within

Look at the coming years with composure


As we approach the middle of our lives or on important birthdays, we become reflective. The metabolism slows down, grey hairs appear and other things change.

Personal well-being is significantly affected by thoughts, experiences and activities. Those who await these changes positively, stride with more, ‘inner happiness’ through the middle of their lives.

‘We age measurably slower, if we await the life phase before us, with a happy, positive outlook’. Under this motto, we have put together in »Kranzbach« a special week of holiday.
It does not involve surgical measures, diets or hormonal treatments but instead self-acceptance, lifestyle, healthy nutrition and the rediscovery of inner happiness. How can one do something good for themselves? The focus should be on improved relaxation as well as getting rid of emotional ballast and external pressures.

This holiday week is created and accompanied by our General Practitioner Dr. Christine Müller as well as our personal trainers.

The program from Sunday (arrival) til Friday (departure) contains:


* your room is available from 1500.
Arrive and switch into ‘relaxation mode’.
Get to know the surrounding area with a short walk.
Discover the Badehaus with its pools, saunas, steam rooms, Lady Spa and relaxation rooms.

* Dinner is served from 1830.

Daily during the following week:
Available to try for everyone that would like to:
2 x NelliVera capsules in the morning in order to strengthen the collagen connective tissues and 1 x 3-fruit capsule in order to activate the metabolism (each available from Pharmos Natur).


* Morning Yoga (0800-0930) or Nordic walking (0800-0900)

* Morning/ Afternoon: a personal consultation with Dr. Müller (approx.: 25 mins.) The exact time, you will receive in your treatment plan.

* 1500: ‘Fitness to take home’: our personal trainers will show you in small groups, how you can integrate your own strength and gentle sports exercises in everyday life (60mins.).
Additional sessions with our personal trainers can be booked for the following days as required.

* 1800: Welcome cocktail with your host and the heads of department in the Yellow Salon which is found in the Mary Portman House.


* Morning Yoga (0800-0930) or Nordic walking (0800-0900)

* 1100-1230: ‘Look at the coming years with composure’ – a discussion with Dr. Müller. The following subjects will be covered: healthy nutrition, metabolism, lifestyle, natural vitality (duration approx. 90mins.). When the weather is good enough, this discussion will be held in a forest clearing (approx. 10 mins. from the hotel).

* Afternoon: „LOVE YOUR AGE“ Power treatment – a face-neck-décolleté treatment using the Pharmos Natur method (90mins.) or alternatively an Abhyanga full body massage (80mins.) The exact time, you will receive in your treatment plan.


* Morning Yoga (0800-0930) or Nordic walking (0800-0900)

* Morning: Experience the forest with our nature lover, Franz Schropp. He will guide you on an informative trip into the surrounding nature. The exact start time can be found on the active program.

* In addition, you can book an, ‘Energy treatment’ with Petra Drescher (60 mins., price: €85)


* Morning Yoga (0800-0930) or Nordic walking (0800-0900)

* 1600: ‘Self-acceptance, rediscovery of inner happiness
Discussion with Dr. Müller in the »Mary Portman House«; Questions and answers (approx. 1 hour).


* Departure: Please leave your room before 1100.

Naturally, you can remain in the hotel and relax in the Badehaus.
Changing rooms and cloakrooms available.


Included in the program is the participation in all the activities on the hotel’s active program, e.g. Nordic walking, Aqua fit, Pilates, fascia training as well as the daily morning Yoga sessions (registration required).

No special diet plan is designated during the program. Dr. Müller will provide you with tips for a healthy nutrition, during the first consultation and her discussion sessions; these tips can be integrated immediately into your diet during your stay in Kranzbach.

Package price

For the above mentioned medical-therapeutic services
€ 350,-- per person
valid until 23.12.16

Please book your preferred hotel room for your chosen dates.

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