Body Specific Treatments

Body treatments tighten, for example, skin tissue and provide an improvement in the overall body contour. Metabolic functions are activated and blood circulation of the cell is promoted.

Relaxing zone

Purifying back treatment with THALGO

ca. 50 min. € 72,-

Beginning with an exfoliation and a cleansing, this special treatment rids the back of skin blemishes. A pack of pure, natural micro-pulverized seaweed is applied to the back. Vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids equalize and regulate the excessive production of sebum before cleansing and regulating the moisture level within the skin.

Relaxing back treatment with THALGO

ca. 50 min. € 72,-

A gentle exfoliation and a special wrap stimulate the blood circulation. Before a massage with a hot roller releases tension in the area of the back. The heat provides optimum relaxation and the treatment ends with a tranquil, relaxing classical back massage.

Problem zone treatment with THALGO

ca. 80 min. € 120,-

Especially recommended for weak connective tissue and cellulite. A special combination of active ingredients assists fat loss, activates your metabolism and invigorates your blood circulation. After an exfoliation, follows a 25 minute cellulite massage. This is followed by a special Thalgo body wrap which is applied to your individual problem areas. The wrap hardens into a rubbery substance, at the end of the application time it is removed by the therapist and the treatment ends with a pampering of the skin.

»KRANZBACH«-Foot-Leg-Pampering treatment with the PHARMOS NATUR® Method

ca. 50 min. € 78,-

Relax with a soothing foot bath – followed by a draining foot and leg massage. The organic Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf is the highlight of the treatment. It moisturizes the skin and provides it with natural ingredients.

Full body treatment for tissue tightening with „Pharmos Natur ALAYA ME®“

ca. 80 min. € 130,-

Exclusive herbal exfoliating massage – a fountain of youth for skin and metabolism.
The combination of precious herbs, together with attentive touch forms the basis of this whole body treatment. Over 100 active ingredients are absorbed by the skin. The metabolism is stimulated, the skin and tissue tightened and revitalized. Also recommended for cellulite. The skin will be left feeling velvety soft, smooth and supple.

Full body treatment with intensive facial treatment with „Pharmos Natur EUROPEA®“

ca. 100 min. € 150,-

During this massage, the precious purification oil ‘EUROPEA’ is employed, with the active ingredients from various healing plants. With help from mineral-rich healing earth and the unique healing properties of Aloe Vera, the lymphatic system will be activated, the whole body decongested and the connective tissue visibly strengthened. In addition, the face is cleansed, massaged and supplied with nutrients. Individual problem areas are treated by a firming and nourishing pack.

Energy treatment

ca. 60 min. € 85,-

The treatment is performed either with or without soft strokes and assists the energetic revitalisation of the body, mind and soul. Blockades in the energy system will be released and the original energy flow will be restored. Through these methods you will be rebalanced, become more self aware and gain more energy. Inclusive of pre and post treamtent consultations.

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