Body Specific Treatments

Body treatments tighten, for example, skin tissue and provide an improvement in the overall body contour. Metabolic functions are activated and blood circulation of the cell is promoted.

Relaxing zone

Purifying back treatment with THALGO

ca. 50 min. € 72,-

Beginning with an exfoliation and a cleansing, this special treatment rids the back of skin blemishes. A pack of pure, natural micro-pulverized seaweed is applied to the back. Vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids equalize and regulate the excessive production of sebum, before cleansing and regulating the moisture level within the skin.

For the expecting Mother „Relaxation for two“ by THALGO

ca. 50 min € 78,--

A gentle, pampering full body wash cleans and sensitively exfoliates the skin with foamy coconut gel and red algae extract. The body wash is particularly rich in minerals like magnesium and zinc. The following delicate body wrap has a light oriental fragrance from iris and jasmine, complemented by notes of sandalwood and white musk plant. The wrap relaxes your body while the rice bran oil leaves you with a satiny sensation.

Contour forming „Minceur“ by THALGO

with peeling ca. 80 min € 120,--
without peeling ca. 50 min € 78,--

This tightening oxygen treatment is especially recommended for weak connective tissues and cellulite. A special combination of ingredients support the catabolism of fat, activate the metabolism and stimulate the flow of blood. This treatment includes a wrap, massage with a concentrate and a finishing treatment.

Full body treatment for tissue tightening with „Pharmos Natur ALAYA ME®“

ca. 80 min. € 130,-

The precious active ingredients from 31 herbs are gently massaged into the body. The skin is exfoliated and the metabolism activated. The skin and the connective tissue are tightened and revitalised. Cellulite can be reduced.

Full body detox treatment by PHARMOS NATUR EUROPEA®

ca. 80 min. € 150,-

A gentle Ayurvedic silk-glove peeling prepares you for a massage with the precious detoxifying EUROPEA oil. Active ingredients from European healing plants activate the lymph system whilst purifying and strengthening the connective tissue. The effect can be increased by placing a healing earth wrap on specific problem zones.

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