Energy Treatments

Through these methods you will be rebalanced


Energy treatment

ca. 60 min € 85,-

It serves to increase the level of energy in the case of deficiencies of physical, emotional and psychological nature.

To strengthen - self-perception and self-acceptance
- positive and constructive thought processes
- intellectual clarity through the cleansing of the energy flows
- the physical and mental immune system

The treatment will be conducted wearing comfortable clothing whilst you lie on your back. Gentle strokes either on the body or in the vicinity of the body will be used.

Autogenous training / Energy training

ca. 25 min € 52,-
ca. 50 min € 90,-

For vital power and a regulated energy balance.

For all energy treatments please come in light training apparel.

By appointment only – please contact our Spa reception.

You can call us on 0049 (0) 8823 928 00-920 or send us an E-Mail at