Gentle massages for body & soul

Our compassionate therapists take time for you.

Health Massage

Aroma oil massage with Pharmos Natur®

ca. 50 min € 72,--

After a warm foot wrap, gentle massage stokes with essential oils help to improve drainage. Citrus, rose or Joy-Skin vital oils are available. To conclude this regenerating and harmonising massage, the lower legs and feet are massaged with fresh Aloe Vera in order to moisturise and nourish the skin. With soft pressure.

The »KRANZBACH« Pinewood relaxation massage

ca. 50 min € 78,-

Deep relaxation with high quality oils and the aroma from the „King of the Alps“ – the pine tree. This intensive full body massage is calming and will release tensions, whilst at the same time giving you more energy. Additionally the hands and feet will be massaged and you will receive a beneficial heat pack filled with pine chippings.

Singing bowl massage

ca. 60 min € 86,--

During this massage, singing bowls are placed on or held above the clothed body and struck. The vibrations from the bowls are absorbed by the body and received by the ear. These soft and harmonic vibrations lead quickly to a deep relaxation. With medium pressure.

Please come in light training apparel.

Massage with hot and cold stones

ca. 80 min € 120,-

The effect of a gentle full body massage is increased with heated lava stones and cooled marble stones, creating a pure pampering experience. With medium pressure.

The »KRANZBACH« Herbal pack massage

ca. 80 min € 120,-

Warm sesame oil and a self-prepared herbal pack (Sage, Lemon balm and Chamomile) are a delight and an experience. Through the development of herbal ingredients, the self-healing powers are activated. The blood circulation will be stimulated and simultaneously the skin will be moisturised and the tissues tightened. With soft pressure.

The »KRANZBACH« birch brush massage

ca. 50 min € 82,-

The cleansing and vitalising brush massage in combination with the aromatherapy oil massage with 100% natural active ingredients from birch extract leads to increased energy levels and radiating skin. With soft pressure.

Relaxing foot and leg massage

ca. 25 min € 38,--

Soft massage techniques release and relax tired muscles which create heavy legs. Experience for yourself a new light footedness. With soft pressure, suitable during pregnancy.

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