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Our special offer for your intestinal health

Intestinal health

Do you feel flat, weak and tired? Through our way of living and nutrition our digestive system becomes overburdened, which over time reduces its effectiveness.
Many forget that the intestine is our primary metabolic organ and should therefore receive focused attention.
»DAS KRANZBACH« offers a special treatment program for your intestinal health – "5 days for your intestine – stomach – vitality."

The treatment package is suited for...

people with digestive complaints of any kind, food intolerances, allergies and stress as well as those who want to take preventative care of their intestinal health.

The aim of our therapy...

is for you to take control of your "Core", stabilise your immune system, strengthen the intestinal flora and practice ways to improve your digestive power in daily life.

Our medical director Dr. Christine Müller has developed the program “intestine – stomach – vitality” and will consult you during the therapy.

Intestine – Stomach - Vitality

  • Minimum stay of 5 nights, arrival on Sunday. The treatments will be spread over 5 days.
  • 1 Medical assessment (25 min)
  • 2 Manual stomach treatments with a mountain meadow hay pack (each 50 min)
  • 1 Basic-salt bath (25 min)
  • 1 Deep relaxation massage (50 min)
  • 1 Gentle cupping massage with Pino (50 mins) or 1 individual detox treatment by arrangement with Dr. Mülller (50 min)
  • 1 Stronger cupping massage (50 min)
  • 1 Pharmos Natur special facial treatment (50 min)
  • 3 warm, mild, meals per day, additionally probiotic yogurt and a special evening drink
  • 1 Final medical consultation (25 min)

Package price Intestine – Stomach - Vitality package

Treatments Package price
for all medical and therapeutic treatments € 500,-

Price per person

Please book your room separately!

We recommend extending your stay for 2 more days over the weekend, to ensure your body can slowly recover from the effects of the treatments.

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