Take some time for yourself.

The classic massages loosen the muscles, focus on specific problem areas, remove blockages and promote deep relaxation.

All massages are available on request with the prior warming of the body in the infrared sauna.


15 min. € 5,-

Classic Healing massage

Area massage ca. 25 min € 38,--
Full body massage ca. 50 min € 68,--

This treatment stimulates the blood circulation of the muscles and skin, relaxes tense areas and attends to individual problem areas.

Foot reflexology

ca. 25 min € 38,--

An energy balancing massage is achieved over the entire body, when the reflex zones on the soles of the feet are stimulated. It causes a local and intense blood flow and achieves an improvement of organ and tissue function. Stress and tension levels decline.

»Kranzbach« Foot reflexology ritual

ca. 50 min € 68,--

A soothing foot bath prepares you for an extensive foot reflexology massage. Then relax your feet in a warm grain-cushion. Stretches and special equalizing techniques will be applied. A short pre and respectively post consultation completes the treatment.

Combined healing massage

ca. 50 min € 68,--

A beneficial combination of reflexology and a traditional healing massage. With this combination of massage, the specific reflex points on the feet are stimulated and then a massage focuses on the back, shoulder and neck. Advantage: the reflex zones can positively influence back problems.

Aroma oil massage

ca. 50 min € 72,--

After a warm foot wrap follows a draining massage with essential oils. Legs and feet, stomach, chest, hands, arms, neck, forehead and scalp are treated. Citrus, rose or Joy-Skin vital oils are available. Finally, Aloe Vera is massaged into the feet. Stress-related tensions are resolved. The aroma oil massage has a regenerative and harmonizing effect on the autonomic nervous system.

Sport massage

ca. 50 min € 68,--

With this combination of classical massage and stretching, the focus is specifically directed to the stressed muscles. The body can be prepared for an upcoming physical activity, or after exercise overworked muscles can be treated and loosened.

Gentle Deep relaxation

ca. 50 min. € 72,-

In this massage the face and body is massaged with mood clearing, warm St. John’s Wort oil. The combination of massage, energy work and the soothing effect of the warm oil relieves tension in the muscles and soul. The energy flow is harmonized, congestion is reduced and the autonomic nervous system balanced.

Massage with hot and cold stones

ca. 80 min. € 120,-

A pure pampering experience with heated or cooled stones and high quality oils. The massage is carried out with volcanic lava (basalt) and marble stones. They give off enough heat to relax even the deepest regions and induce relaxation. The heat also accelerates the blood circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to the cells. The Hot Stone Massage has a side effect in that it increases the removal of waste products ("detoxification") and stimulates the metabolism. Additionally, energy blockages can be tackled.

Individual treatment to relieve pain

ca. 25 min € 39,--
ca. 50 min € 75,--

This treatment is aimed specifically to your needs. In a preliminary talk with your therapist, you can explain which parts of your body feel particularly stressed. Based on this information the therapist will decide on the treatment technique that suits you best.

Pregnancy massage from the 4th month

ca. 25 min € 38,--
ca. 50 min € 68,--

This classic healing massage with gentle aromatic oils promotes blood circulation to the muscles and the skin, relaxes tense areas and caters to individual problem areas.

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