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The classic massages loosen the muscles, focus on specific problem areas, remove blockages and promote deep relaxation.

Classic Healing massage

Area massage ca. 25 min € 38,--
Full body massage ca. 50 min € 68,--

This treatment stimulates the blood circulation of the muscles and skin, relaxes tense areas and attends to individual problem areas. The pressure is individually adjustable to your needs.

Foot reflexology

ca. 25 min € 38,--

Stimulating the reflex zones on the soles of the feet causes a local and intense blood flow and achieves an improvement of organ and tissue function. Stress and tension levels decline. With powerful pressure.

Combined healing massage

ca. 50 min € 68,--

A beneficial combination of foot reflexology and a traditional healing massage focusing on the back, shoulder and neck. With powerful pressure.

Sport massage

ca. 50 min € 72,--

With this combination of classical massage and stretching, the focus is specifically directed to the stressed muscles. The body can be prepared for an upcoming physical activity, or after exercise overworked muscles can be treated and loosened. Please let us know your requirements. With medium / powerful pressure.

Pregnancy massage from the 4th month

ca. 25 min € 38,--
ca. 50 min € 68,--

Gentle massage is like balsam for the soul. Long, calming strokes enable deep relaxation for mother and child. Depending on your situation, you can lie in a relaxing side position, comfortably on your back or enjoy the massage while seated in our special stool. With soft pressure.

Manual Lymph drainage

ca. 25 min € 42,--
ca. 50 min € 75,--

Circular movement techniques are applied with light pressure. Thus the fluid is displaced from the tissue into the lymphatic system which improves waste removal from the body. With medium pressure.

Gentle application of the Dorn Method

ca. 50 min € 75,--

A gentle method to correct vertebral misalignments. In a sensitive way the displaced vertebrae and joints are gently realigned into their ideal position. The therapists work very carefully and exert minimum pressure. For sustainable results this treatment requires active participation, regular self-help exercises and additional sessions. With medium pressure.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

ca. 50 min € 75,--
ca. 80 min € 110,--

Manual techniques are applied with low doses of pressure, which are individually tailored to your needs. The treatment is especially recommended for migraines, headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress and stress-related disorders. With soft pressure.

The duration of the treatment includes a pre-and post-consultation.

The treatment of "Cranio Sacral Therapy" is held in the dressed state - please come in light training apparel.

On request with prior warming of the body in our infrared cabin.

Nuad Thai Massage

ca. 50 min € 78,--
ca. 80 min € 115,--

The Nuad Thai Massage consists of stretching movements and joint mobilisation. Gentle stretching and rhythmic pressure helps to reduce tension and blockades. With medium / powerful pressure.

The Nuad Thai Massage is conducted in the dressed state on a floor mat. Please come in light training apparel.

Individual treatment to relieve pain

ca. 25 min € 42,--
ca. 50 min € 75,--

This massage is aimed specifically to your needs. In a preliminary talk with your therapist, you can explain which parts of your body feel particularly stressed. Based on this information the therapist will decide on the treatment technique that suits you best. Please let us know your requirements in advance so that we can provide you with the best treatment. With powerful pressure.

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