Medical Therapies & Applications

Since 2010 Dr. Christine Müller is the Medical Director in »DAS KRANZBACH«.

In everyday life stress leads to; poor diet, a lack of exercise, obesity, bowel disease, problems with the joints, metabolic disorders and high blood pressure. Many people become weak and unresponsive, and suffer from internal unrest and depressive moods.

»DAS KRANZBACH« and its medical team follow a holistic approach. Humans only function correctly if there exists a balance between the body, mind and soul. Thus we do not limit ourselves solely to external applications.

The health concept in Hotel »DAS KRANZBACH« is built upon the four pillars: „detoxification of the body”, „movement in nature”, “healthy, light nutrition” and „relaxation through Yoga and meditation“. Both preventative as well as curative, permanent lifestyle modifications are sought. Through the close guidance and personal assistance of Dr. Christine Müller many guests during their health stay find the correct balance.

Medical consultation with Dr. Christine Müller

ca. 25 min. € 38,-

Dr. Christine Müller personally conducts the individual medical consultation. A personal treatment program is created adapted to the constitution of the guest's health.

Brief medical consultation with Dr. Christine Müller

ca. 5 min € 15,--

Manual Stomach Treatment with Dr. Christine Müller

ca. 25 min. € 47,-

Gentle stroking movements on the abdominal wall leads to enhanced toning, better blood circulation of the abdominal organs, and reformed lymphatic drainage resulting in improved detoxification. Especially recommended for digestive disorders of all kinds, for relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and to train abdominal breathing.

Manual Stomach Treatment followed by a hayflower liver pack with Dr. Christine Müller

ca. 50 min € 78,--

Colon hydrotherapy with Stomach massage

ca. 60 min. € 98,-

Colon hydrotherapy involves an intensified enema of approximately 40 minutes with purified, warm spring water without chemical additives. If necessary, a change to cool water will also work ("Kneipp for the gut"). Through the water column different reflex zones of the intestine will be affected and thus acts on the entire body. This mode of action is based on the removal of accumulated stagnated stools and rotting substances from the intestinal lumen. The treatment takes place with a closed disposable system and is clean, odorless and in general pleasant.

As part of the detoxification and cleansing process, colon hydrotherapy is highly effective in combination with other procedures such as sweating (sauna, exercise), wraps and forced drinking.

Recommended for:
Bowel cleansing, metabolic activation, digestive problems of all kinds, especially for chronic constipation and laxative abuse, diverticula, allergies, skin diseases, impurities, and depression.

Not suitable during or after:
Inflammatory bowel disease, recent intestinal surgery, cardiac infarction, angina pectoris and pregnancy.

DETOX Alkaline salts bath with PHARMOS NATUR®

ca. 25 min. € 32,-

Effective mineral-rich alkaline bath with pure salt from the Dead Sea. Unrivaled energy and with the highest concentration of minerals such as magnesium, iron, sodium, and the essential trace element bromine. Facilitates detoxification and helps the body get rid of excess acids.

Nutritional counseling


ca. 50 min € 75,--

The consequences of malnutrition are sensitive for the individual and affect ones attitude towards life. During individual counseling with Dr. Christine Müller you will capture the current state of your nutritional situation. In accordance with your constitution and life circumstances we develop optimization recommendations. The goal is to achieve a sustainable dietary change.

Organic energy regulation through cupping with Dr. Christine Müller

ca. 25 min. € 55,-
ca. 50 min. € 105,--

(Preferably bloody, otherwise bloodless)
Cupping as well as „wet cupping“ helps to stimulate the flow of blood, balances and realigns the flow of qi, breaks up obstructions and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body.

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