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Hotel & Spa Der Steirerhof Bad Waltersdorf

"Cuddle Up and Feel Comfortable"
Since it is the only five star hotel in Styria's Thermal Bath Region, "The Steirerhof" has been known as one of the leading Spa and Wellness Hotels in Austria. Its elaborate Spa and Wellness Area was expanded by a Medical Provisions Center with a certified medical staff. The Steirerhof's extensive and customized selection of wellness treatments is enriched by therapies from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Steirerhof is located in the town of Bad Waltersdorf. A major reason for attracting guests is the town's high-quality thermal spring water. Six different indoor and outdoor pools offer the best possible therapy for the muscular system, joints and skeleton, the vegetative nervous system as well as one's overall well being. Being assisted by a staff of 170 employees, the Unterweger Family assures the guest the best possible service and comfort.

Our partners

Pharmos Natur

All over Europe PHARMOS NATUR is the only company which uses the pure, absolute skin compatible bio Aloe Vera gel from Central America. Selected plants get manufactured on a highly effective basis to medicinal plant cosmetic - with the highest possible part of certified organic, herbal ingredient for cosmetic products.
Individual ingredients never get isolated and put together again; everything stays in natural interaction with the whole network of micronutrients. This is the only way to keep the "relations" between the different ingredients permanently - holistically, as planned from the nature.
What makes the difference? The Products are without alcohol, citric acid, parabens and chemical purified water, absolutely without preservatives. These are the guarantees for success of a 100 % herbal effective cosmetic from PHARMOS NATUR.


Thalgo stands for beauty and power from the sea and takes the elements for authentic care and treatment concept on basis of thalasso out of it. Worldwide Thalgo presents and designs varied sensual care and treatment experience which give relaxation, pleasure and well being.

Classic Radio

"Klassic Radio" offers a worldwide, innovative program with relaxing classical music, film soundtracks, new classics and lounge music combined with economic, cultural and world news every 30 minutes. Already available on FM radio in more than 270 cities across Germany, more than 1.6 Million listeners follow the program daily. "Klassic Radio" is available to listen to nationwide via cable, Europe-wide via satellite and worldwide via internet. ( In Innsbruck, Austria, "Klassic Radio" is the first German-speaking radio station transmitting on FM radio.
In Kranzbach you can listen to "Klassic Radio" in all our rooms on our preset programs list.
Starting at 10 p.m. you can also listen to "Klassic Radio" lounge music in the Mary Portman bar.

Welcome to the Karwendel Mountains

Discover the Karwendel Mountain Region, a sunny, spacious and mountainous valley that provides a stunning panoramic view. The Isar River originates at this magnificent location, and the Wetterstein Mountain Range meets with Germany's highest and most famous mountain peak, the Zugspitze (altitude 2,962 meters). Being a world of its own, this area has many faces:
the idyllic and charming towns of Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau, eight lakes, one stream, many creeks, colorfully blossoming meadows and shady forests. This most impressive mountain scenery includes Bavarian baroque architecture and lots of wonderful people.

Ski school Alpenwelt Karwendel

Our partner in the matter of cross-country skiing and alpine skiing

As a professional ski school our partner attaches great importance to provide a high qualified team of skiing instructors. The ski school Alpenwelt Karwendel is under control of Max Rieger, a former winner of the skiing world cup.

Golf + Country Club Karwendel

The golf course is located in the upper Isar Valley, east of the Wallgau community and immediately adjacent to the wild landscape of the Isar River. The fairways lie on three former river terraces, which merge in the North with an ice age moraine tract. The golf course is situated in a unique, scenic location between the Karwendel range in the South and the Wetterstein Massif with Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze in the West.

Fichtenspitz & Gänseblümchen

"Mary's MarmeLaden" is our partner in the matter of herbs and natural products. Udo Schönthaler, expert of the herbs, and his wife operate a delicatessen manufactory in "Mittenwald". He knows all the flowers and herbs around »DAS KRANZBACH« and also knows how to make tasty and healthy products out of them. He uses only natural, self-picked blossoms, herbs and wild berries for his manual exquisite products.

The Hermannsdorfer Country Workshop

Founded in 1986, the country workshop created a proven, advanced synthesis of agricultural roduction, food processing and marketing.
It is manufactured near the place where the animals and plants grow and the place where they are converted into food products. Behind this network stands a new, comprehensive model of mindful dealing with life and all the necessities of life, with the soil, water, air, plants, animals and humans.
At the Herrmanndorfer country workshop, like all organic products, there is no genetic engineering. We are convinced that natural resources without manipulation are the best we can ever have. We will not meddle with nature's handiwork.

Art and culture

Our partner in the matter of modern art"is the gallery Ostler in Mittenwald. All images in the modern "Gartenflügel" of our house are loans from this gallery.
The gallery Ostler is endeavoured to offer ambitious and positive art to affiliate to the great world of experience our hotel is providing. Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the evening, the
"art club" with the gallery Ostler takes place in our house. There we discuss about famous artworks for example from "Ägidius Geiselmann" and "Robert Jacobsen".

Stop Over Reisen - handmade holidays

Customers call them the whish satisfyers".
The small travel agency STOP OVER REISEN has a special aim since 20 years:
Make holiday dreams come true. Always new, always individual and with high sensibility customized for every client. No matter if you are looking for holidays on the Maledives (the core of STOP OVER REISEN), an inspiring city-weekend, culture- and spiritual holidays to the most beautiful places in the world or a wedding in paradise - each offer was tested personal and can be offered to daily advantageous prices.
Experience also SECRETS, the web magazine for travel and lifestyle from STOP OVER REISEN:

Sightsleeping® hotels - sleeping for visual people

You can experience that in exclusive Bavarian hotels with the brand "Sightsleeping". Visual people lodge in historical castles, château, and worth seeing designed hotels. Sightsleeping in Bavaria begins when you wake up...
»DAS KRANZBACH« is one from at present 27 dreamlike hotels for visual people.
Sightsleeping-Hotels - the eye sleeps with you.
Please find more information at:

Atlas Snow - Shoe Company

Would you like to join us on a hiking tour through untouched nature and glittering forests? Wearing Atlas snowshoes will make you feel comfortable and at ease in heavy snows. You stay in shape and experience something wonderfully new. Enjoy it at any age!
Natural beauty of many kinds you will be privileged to witness- far away from the most frequented roads and paths. For further information please go to


EFP Edinger Fischbach and Partners was found 2004 by its sister company ETB Edinger Tourism Consultancy. ETB Edinger Tourism Consultancy specialises exclusively in corporate consulting for the national and international leisure and tourism industry.

Architectural design
Interior Design
General planning
Real Estate Developments
Architectural and technical expertises
Feasibility Studies

ETB Consulting

ETB stands for the philosophy of always thinking and working together with our clients.
Located in Innsbruck and Vienna, Austria, ETB Edinger Consulting is exclusively specialized in assisting the tourism and leisure industry.
A team of experts and specialists provide extensive professional know how combined with a wide variety of real life experience. This expertise and a proven network of associated partner businesses enable ETB Consulting to successfully resolve highly difficult or individually challenging tasks.
Among ETB's clients are private tourist businesses, communities, tourist organizations and infrastructure companies working for the leisure industry. For the past several years, clients from the health and wellness industry have become significant customers.