Specially for men

The most popular treatments for men

Our cosmetic facial treatment is harmonised especially for the requirements of male skin.

Classic Healing massage

Aeria massage ca. 25 min € 38,--
Full body massage ca. 50 min € 68,--

This treatment stimulates the blood circulation of the muscles and skin, relaxes tense areas and attends to individual problem areas.

Gentle Deep relaxation

ca. 50 min € 72,--

In this treatment the face and body is massaged with mood clearing, warm St. John’s Wort oil. The combination of massage, energy work and the soothing effect of the warm oil relieves tension in the muscles and soul. The energy flow is harmonized, congestion is reduced and the autonomic nervous system balanced.

»Kranzbach« Foot reflexology ritual

ca. 25 min € 38,--

A soothing foot bath prepares you for an extensive foot reflexology massage. Then relax your feet in a warm grain-cushion. Stretches and special equalising techniques will be applied. A short pre and respectively post consultation completes the treatment.

Sport massage

ca. 50 min € 68,--

With this combination of classical massage and stretching, the focus is specifically directed to the stressed muscles. The body can be prepared for an upcoming physical activity, or after exercise overworked muscles can be treated and loosened.

Basic facial treatment with Pharmos Natur®

ca. 50 min € 78,--

The treatment is tailored to each skin type. With cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping and a facial massage with organic Aloe Vera extract.

Basic facial treatment with THALGO

ca. 50 min € 78,--

This is a classic facial treatment with cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, massage and mask – tailored to your skin type. The mask is complimented by a herbal pillow to heighten the relaxation experience.

Thalgo Anti-aging special treatments

-with maritime collagen – smoothing

ca. 50 min. € 130,-

This anti-aging treatment provides the skin with intensive moisture and helps to regenerate. Collagen is the principal protein in the skin. It gives the skin its elasticity and its smooth and tight appearance. Lines and the first wrinkles are smoothed whilst their rate of emergence is slowed down. Includes a drinkable collagen-booster – to assist internally.

-with maritime Hyaluronan – priming

ca. 50 min. € 130,-

Hyaluronan is a volume giving and priming molecule. With the Hyaluronan pen and the mask pads, particularly visible wrinkles are treated and visibly smoothed. The complimenting Hyaluronan mask gives the skin a new freshness and energy. Includes a drinkable collagen-booster – to assist internally.

-with maritime silicon – lifting

ca. 50 min € 130,-

Silicon is a natural part of the organism, which provides the cell with structure, a healthy connective tissue and thus also for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. This special treatment works with maritime silicon against the visible signs of aging skin. The shaped mask ensures a tapered and streamlined complexion whilst the drinkable collagen-booster supports the effect internally.

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