Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treatments in »KRANZBACH«

TCM is over 2000 years old and has evolved in China as its own independent medicine system.

These medical practices share common theoretical concepts; they include various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (Tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy.

The followers of TCM say that the applications stabilise their condition of health. The prospect of long levity and a slowing down of the ageing process are the goal. With fresh air, activity, deep sleep and a caring TCM-program you will once again find yourself in equilibrium. Achieving harmony is the basic module, and with it you will feel fitter and healthier. You will harness new power.

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Karin Trommsdorf

Karin Trommsdorf

Our TCM healing practitioner is always here for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our TCM treatments for you in overview:


Acupuncture as a part of TCM belongs to the reversing and regulation therapies. It helps our bodies and souls to achieve and promote well-being.
Duration: ca. 25 Minutes
Price: € 55,-

Cupping massage (normally on the back)

Cupping massages belong to reflex therapy. The practice of heating the air inside the glass cup creates a vacuum and provides a reverse-pressure massage. Your metabolism will be improved, toxins diverted and your immune system stimulated.
Duration: ca. 25 Minutes
Price: € 55,-

Chinese Tui Na (An Mo) Massage

This massage supports the energising of the Meridian blood circulation through stimulation of the energy flows and acupuncture points.

Tui Na – part massage

Duration: ca. 25 Minutes
Price: € 50,-

Tui Na – "Facial bath" with head and shoulder massage & a relaxing herbal pillow.

Duration: ca. 50 Minutes
Price: € 75,-

Tui Na - Full massage

Duration: ca. 50 Minutes
Price: € 80,-

Tui Na – Full massage in combination with a "warm herbal wrap" (Hay sack or Ginger)

To deepen muscular relaxation and improve blood circulation.
Duration: ca. 50 Minutes
Price: € 85,-

Tui Na – part massage in combination with acupuncture

Duration: ca. 50 Minutes
Price: € 90,-

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