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WINBACK® Beauty treatments with MASSADA

The facial treatments achieve through the WINBACK® energy a particularly effective result for your skin.

WINBACK® is a radio frequency current, which accelerates the natural regeneration of biological tissue. It‘s low power delivers energy, which feels like a pleasant warmth.
WINBACK® energy works deep into the dermal layers and helps to deliver the following visible and lasting results:
The regenerating effect helps with the reconstruction of your tissue, the skin becomes tighter and the wrinkles shallower.
The dynamic effect accesses the cell metabolism and facilitates a quick provision of active ingredients (nutrients and oxygen).
At the same time metabolic waste products are dissipated and deposits broken down. Blood and lymph circulation are revitalised.
The WINBACK® facial treatment in combination with the product line from MASSADA achieve particularly effective results for the facial skin.

WINBACK® Maxima treatment

With the MASSADA Hyaluronan lifting concept product line.

WINBACK® Maxima treatment

Duration Price
ca. 110 Min. 195 €

WINBACK® Balance treatment


WINBACK® Balance treatment

Duration Price
ca. 80 Min. 148 €


Effective treatment of individual, selective problems like matt or sallow skin, double chin, or bags under the eyes. Includes an active ingredient ampule. This special treatment is bookable as a packet of 3 treatments each lasting 30 minutes. It is recommended to leave 1 day between each treatment.

WINBACK® Beauty Zone

Duration Price
Paketpreis für 3 Anwendungen à ca. 30 Min. 157 €
Jede weitere Anwendung à ca. 30 Min. 55 €

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