A life philosophy

Shirodara (A flow of oil over the head)

"A person will be called healthy, when their physiognomy is in equilibrium, their digestion and metabolism work well, their tissue and excretion functions perform accordingly and their soul, mind and senses are in a stable condition, and they have intrinsic happiness."
Sushruta, Ayurvedic Doctor, 1000 B.C.

Ayurveda is a life philosophy that deals with the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. It arose over 5000 years ago in India and represents the oldest traditional medicine system in the world. The first written traditions reach back 3000 years.

Ayurveda was originally communicated in Sanskrit: "Ayus" means Life, "Veda" means Science. The words together "Ayurveda" mean not only "Science of Life". The ayurvedic philosophy has a long and above all healthy life - in the sense of a balanced lifestyle in mind - based on the three pillars - Body, Mind and Soul. Thereby in the foreground stands not only the treatments from illness but also the prevention through detoxification and re-vitalising treatments.

Our Ayurveda treatments for you in overview:

The Ayurveda massage technique has a harmonising effect on the vegative nervous system, transfer of stress, relaxation and is said to be a classic detoxification treatment. Effective for countering insomnia, migraine and burn-out.

Ayurveda Massages

Back massage ca. 25 min € 43,-
Face, Head and Shoulders massage ca. 25 min € 43,-
Foot and Leg massage ca. 25 min € 43,-
Shirodara (A flow of oil over the head) ca. 40 min € 68,-
Abhyanga – Full body massage ca. 50 min € 82,-
Abhyanga – Full body massage (with concetration on the head, foot and face) ca. 80 min € 120,-
Abhyanga with 4 hands (2 therapists) ca. 50 min € 150,-
ca. 80 min € 240,-
Abhyanga with Shirodara (A flow of oil over the head) ca. 110 min € 160,-
Pinda Sweda*
(original ayurvedic rice stamp massage)
ca. 70 min € 110,-
The »Kranzbach« herbal-stamp massage ca. 80 min € 120,-

*Therapists pamper you with a warm herbal sack, known as, Bolis, which are filled with milk rice, coconut and lemon rind. With these Bolis the whole body is treated with long, deep strokes, circlulations, vibrating taps and shaking. Thereby the body will be heated, encouraged to sweat and the metabolism will be activated. Tension and rheumatism complaints can be alleviated. The conjunctive tissue will be tightened, particularly effective against cellulite. Additionally, very effective in balancing the vegetative nervous system.

Massage in the treatment room

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