Open Yoga-sessions in Kranzbach

Allow yourself a session of Yoga.

Yoga platform on the roof of the pool house

It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced - our professional Yoga teachers will cater for your individual needs and will make the Yoga-session an experience.
Also absolute beginners are invited. The Yoga exercises are so effective, that you will be amazed! It does not matter if you feel stiff or awkward - the deep reaching exercises will address the neglected muscles and tighten them, encourage blood circulation and lead you to a feeling of complete well-being throughout your body.


The Yoga-session is held daily from 0800-0930 and from 1700-1830. In the morning, the session will vitalize your blood circulation and prepare the body for the day. In the evenings, it is important to relax and to prepare for a recuperating sleep.

You can take part in every Yoga-session at short-notice, when the mood and time allows. The price for one session is €14.

When you would like to try out Yoga in private or you would like to practice more Yoga, it is no problem. You can on your wish book an individual session (for 1 or 2 persons)

Your participation pleases us.

Private Yoga sessions