»Kranzbach«-Freundinnen - Ungestört plaudern, lachen - Separaten Ladies Spa

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Workshops in Kranzbach

Custom packages for those that really want to get the most out of their holidays

In »Kranzbach« we provide a year round selection of workshops with a variety of themes. Some of the opportunities include the chance to relax more deeply, become more active or just to try something new. All of these opportunities are provided by us and are experienced either in the hotel or in the surrounding forest and mountain meadows.

Through Yoga and meditation you will experience another dimension of relaxation. With each controlled breath the fresh mountain air will fill your lungs, allowing your mind to be free and your body to relax. Complete your day of well-being and fitness with a visit to the sauna or a soak in one of our many steaming pools.

Our location in the middle of a protected mountain valley means the opportunities to go hiking and explore the surrounding forests are endless. The combination of yoga and hiking complement each other perfectly. Choose what is good for you.

All our workshops are led by trained and experienced teachers.

To take part in our workshops it is necessary to register before you arrive. Please take note of the conditions of participation and the all-inclusive price.