Our Spa products

We use the following carefully selected products in our Spa area:


PHARMOS NATUR introduces you to a relaxing world with full-body-treatments and especially developed care rituals for velvet, balanced facial skin, beautifully radiant eyes, tight cleavage and soft skin all over the body. Across Europe PHARMOS NATUR is the only company which uses the pure, absolute skin compatible bio Aloe Vera gel instead of water. The combination of 100 % herbal effective cosmetics and life balanced medicine not only cares for your skin but energises the life back into it. Body and soul are rebalanced.
PHARMOS NATUR takes their responsibility for the nature and the well-being of the people with whom they operate with for many years very seriously. Worldwide they have supported biologic cultivation projects on the basis of fair trade guidelines. This gives the opportunity to cultivate selected plants for products of the highest quality with long-lasting effects.


THALGO developed its treatments and products on the basis of Thalasso medical therapy. Almost any physical improvement can be achieved for women as well as for men through the application of various face, body and balneology treatments: Shaping and firming contours, detoxification and purification, moisturizing, regeneration and vitalization - even a combination of several applications is possible.
THALGO stands for beauty and energy from the ocean: Its elements for authentic care and treatment concepts are based on Thalasso. Worldwide, THALGO designs and presents varied sensuous care and treatment experiences which provide relaxation, enjoyment and an overall well-being. Only in »KRANZBACH« do you receive this unique combination of a healing, natural, mountainous environment with the advantages and stimulating processes of the Thalasso therapy.