Our Spa products

We use the following carefully selected products in our Spa area:


The application of a fresh Aloe Vera plant leaf in every treatment makes PHARMOS NATUR a particularly special experience!
Feel for yourself the unique and regenerative effects of the healing and rejuvenating plant on your skin:
SACRED PLANTS. Nature, that works!

These sacred plants are attentively and holistically included to provide you with their rich ingredients:

100% herbal active cosmetic without alcohol, citric acid, chemically treated water, Paraben – and made completely free of preservatives.
included in the precious facial and body care oils
keeps your skin healthy, helps it to regenerate and look younger

The intensity and impact can be felt and seen on the skin after the first treatment. The quality of this product can especially be trusted when you have sensitive skin.

The highlight from your PHARMOS NATUR treatment is that Aloe Vera gel in contrast to water-based creams settles deeper into the skin. Through its special viscosity and consistency, the Aloe Vera primary juices can "piggyback" the rich ingredients from plant oils and "infiltrate" them into the lower skin layers. Cell formation is promoted and significantly contributes to skin regeneration. Outstanding compatibility is achieved even for sensitive skin.


THALGO has developed over 50 years its treatments and products based on the medical Thalasso therapy. High performance, precious ingredients from algae and the deep sea provide the basis to tighten, purify, hydrate, regenerate or revitalize – multiple effects are combined.

THALGO stands for beauty and power from the sea and draws from it the elements for authentic care and treatment concepts based on Thalasso. Globally distributed and designed THALGO provides you diversified, sensual care and treatment experiences, relaxation, enjoyment and well-being.

Experience the healing power of the sea while we pamper you. A wide variety of treatments allow you to treat your individual needs and enjoy the sensation of wellbeing.

Enjoy in »KRANZBACH« the unique combination of a stay in the beautiful and beneficial nature of the mountains with the virtues and active processes of Thalasso therapy from the sea.