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Yoga Competence Center in Kranzbach

One of the favourite Yoga hotels in Germany

Das Kranzbach provides a number of special places to practice yoga. On the top floor of the Badehaus are two Yoga rooms: the largest Yoga room faces to the rising sun, the second looks over the meadow with the setting sun and is used for private lessons – both feature panoramic windows from floor to ceiling. Here the Yoga is, ‘indoor’ with views over the tree tops and is possible throughout the year.

With good weather there is an added benefit of practicing yoga in the fresh air. The Yoga platform on the roof of the Badehaus provides 360° views of the surrounding nature and the impressive mountain ranges. The second Yoga platform is located in the middle of an enchanting forest, an ideal location to retreat and recuperate. Feel the healing effects of the forest and let the sound of nature and the calming atmosphere relax you.

»Kranzbach« Yoga StudioAs a specialised German Yoga hotel we provide you a unique environment of pristine nature and harmony in order for you to find inner peace.

If you are looking for a healthier way of life and positive changes we provide an environment for Yoga, that will support you in many ways:

  • Maintain and improve your health
  • Release mental and physical tension
  • Strengthen your powers of self-healing and your immune system
  • Develop strength and flexibility
  • Find inner peace again
  • Understand yourself better
  • Develop more composure and feel more alive
  • Deal with the stress of everyday life more successfully

Try Yoga for the first time and you will feel how much good it does you.

Our highly qualified Yoga and meditation teachers provide a variety of yoga sessions and yoga techniques for both beginners and advanced students. Guests of all ages and all body types are accommodated for. Experience Yoga throughout the year in small groups or during individual tuition. In addition to the inspiring Hatha Yoga technique we provide you with meditation and relaxation concepts for more clarity, composure and attentiveness. Techniques from Yoga, Zen and the classic relaxation methods build the pillars for this concept.

Our offers include:



In our yoga workshops we focus on the requirements of the individuals in the group. Enjoy the comfort of our hotel and wellness retreat and at the same time rejuvenate yourself with our »Active Workshops«. Select from a variety of workshop dates.

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