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New Yoga-Concept in Kranzbach

The »Kranzbach«-Yoga studio

Your well-being is our most important concern. The Spa-house expansion has created a new Yoga-Studio that provides you with a unique place for retreat and recuperation. The highlight - our new Yoga room - provides extensive space and freedom. A roofed terrace as well as a roof top Yoga-platform provide a special place to practice. In delightful weather with stunning surroundings, Yoga in the fresh air is a rewarding activity.

In search of a healthier way of living and positive change we present you with our Yoga package:

• Achieve and improve wellbeing
• Disperse physical and mental tension
• Strengthening of the immune-system
• Enhancement of power and flexibility
• Improved inner-calm
• Development of composure
• Learn to deal with routine stress

Try out our Yoga concept and you will feel how good it is!

With our highly qualified Yoga and Meditation instructors, we offer you a distinctive style which will suit all levels of ability and will accommodate all ages and body shapes. We instruct holistic Yoga in small groups or if you prefer, on an individual basis. In accordance to the inspired Hatha Yoga instruction, we provide you with meditation and relaxation concepts for imporved clarity, composure and attentiveness. Techniques from Yoga, Zen and the classic relaxation methods form the pillars of this concept.

Our Yoga-opportunities comprise of:

Open Yoga sessions

Open Yoga sessions
Open Yoga sessions

Daily Yoga sessions during specific time/week periods in the summer with specially trained yoga and meditations teachers. Find out more information here. More



3 days dedicated to a specific yoga theme MoreEUR 734,00 3 day Workshop