Das Kranzbach umgeben von idyllischen Wäldern

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»DAS KRANZBACH« - a rare Eco-Habitat

Nature is the intrinsic attraction in »KRANZBACH«. The meadows and forests that surround us are full of energy and their remoteness provides a peaceful sanctuary.
We are proud of our location in the middle of nature. Clean air, crystal clear mountain spring water, unobstructed views of the countryside - therefore we believe in our special Eco-philosophy.

Green facts about »DAS KRANZBACH«:

Nr. Description
1. »DAS KRANZBACH« sits in a protected mountain meadow… 130,000m² large…surrounded by the Bavarian State Forest
2. The hotel stands alone in these 13 ha of mountain meadow…without neighbours…without pylons…providing spectacular views of the mountains.
3. We obtain CO2-neutral, natural gas and consequently neutralise the CO2-emmision by burning the natural as.
4. The protected mountain valley is only accessible through a small toll gate (€4 per entry).
5. Our own mountain spring provides the hotel with fresh, mineral rich, drinking water.
6. For all our rooms in the »Garden Wing« we have created a radiation-free zone.
7. The »Garden Wing« is South facing and built into the hillside. Consequently, it seamlessly fits into its surroundings and is invisible when looking from the »Mary Portman« house.
8. In the valley, no ski area exists and no pistes disturb the hillsides…we embrace Nordic-Skiing, snow-shoes and long walks direct from »KRANZBACH«.
9. For the Summer, no Golf courses were built, therefore you can experience untouched hilly meadows, protected forests, mountain streams and lakes. Explore the valley whilst jogging, hiking or biking.
10. Reach new levels of meditation whilst performing Yoga in the fresh mountain air.
11. The oil heating system has been replaced with an efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas system.
12. The rainwater is collected and stored in order to reuse it for the external areas of the facility.
13. The electricity and telephone cables have been buried in the ground, so that the eye is not disrupted by the sight of unwanted pylons.
14. The rubbish is routinely separated and disposed of environmentally. Through an arrangement with another local hotel we minimise the frequency of waste disposal lorries entering the valley.
15. The majority of groceries are purchased locally. „Mary´s MarmeLaden“ in Mittenwald is a very good example.
16. Our washing and cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
17. Through the support of our guests, by using only the necessary towels, can we reduce our footprint on the environment.
18. All departments endeavour to use only the minimum amount of paper and where possible to recycle the old paper.
19. We rent E-Bikes so that you can experience the surrounding nature in a relaxed manner without harming the environment. We provide charging points in the garage for electric cars so that you can have a pollution free arrival and departure.
20. Throughout the hotel we aim to use environmentally friendly materials. In the rooms in the modern Garden Wing we used Larch wood from local forests. The walls were painted with a natural lime paint.
21. We have a bank account with the GLS-Bank. They are the first bank that are social-ecological. Human requirements and the belief that the money is there for the sake of the people, are the pillars of their banking ethos.
22. Since 2014 we operate a combined heat and power plant as well as a photovoltaic system. We produce approx. 80% of the hotel‘s electricity usage ourselves. The heat generated during power generation heats our pools.

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