»DAS KRANZBACH« - a rare Eco-Habitat

Nature is the intrinsic attraction in »KRANZBACH«. The meadows and forests that surround us are full of energy and their remoteness provides a peaceful sanctuary.
We are proud of our location in the middle of nature. Clean air, crystal clear mountain spring water, unobstructed views of the countryside - therefore we believe in our special Eco-philosophy:

Kranzbach within nature

Green facts about »DAS KRANZBACH«:

• »DAS KRANZBACH« sits in a protected mountain meadow… 130,000m² large…surrounded by the Bavarian State Forest
• The hotel stands alone in these 13 ha of mountain meadow…without neighbours…without pylons…providing spectacular views of the mountains.
• We obtain CO2-neutral, natural gas and consequently neutralise the CO2-emmision by burning the natural as.
• The protected mountain valley is only accessible through a small toll gate (€4 per entry).
• Our own mountain spring provides the hotel with fresh, mineral rich, drinking water.
• For all our rooms in the »Garden Wing« we have created a radiation-free zone.
• The »Garden Wing« is South facing and built into the hillside. Consequently, it seamlessly fits into its surroundings and is invisible when looking from the »Mary Portman« house.
• In the valley, no ski area exists and no pistes disturb the hillsides…we embrace Nordic-Skiing, snow-shoes and long walks direct from »KRANZBACH«.
• For the Summer, no Golf courses were built, therefore you can experience untouched hilly meadows, protected forests, mountain streams and lakes. Explore the valley whilst jogging, hiking or biking.
• Reach new levels of meditation whilst performing Yoga in the fresh mountain air.
• The oil heating system has been replaced with an efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas system.
• The rainwater is collected and stored in order to reuse it for the external areas of the facility.
• The electricity and telephone cables have been buried in the ground, so that the eye is not disrupted by the sight of unwanted pylons.
• The rubbish is routinely separated and disposed of environmentally. Through an arrangement with another local hotel we minimise the frequency of waste disposal lorries entering the valley.
• The majority of groceries are purchased locally. „Mary´s MarmeLaden“ in Mittenwald is a very good example.