Das Kranzbach umgeben von idyllischen Wäldern

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»DAS KRANZBACH« - a rare Eco-Habitat

Nature is the intrinsic attraction in »KRANZBACH«. The meadows and forests that surround us are full of energy and their remoteness provides a peaceful sanctuary.
We are proud of our location in the middle of nature. Clean air, crystal clear mountain spring water, unobstructed views of the countryside - therefore we believe in our special Eco-philosophy.

Green facts about »DAS KRANZBACH«:

Nr. Description
1. »DAS KRANZBACH« is located - all by itself - in the middle of 13 ha of mountain meadow, 1,030m above sea level. These meadows are protected and are therefore not fertilised and are only mown once a year, at the end of July. Throught this process the wild flowers can spread their seeds.
2. »DAS KRANZBACH« is surrounded by a huge forest owned by the Bavarian State. There are no noisy roads, no neighbouring buildings, no electricty pylons and the gas pipes and the electricity cables are all buried under ground.
3. The protected mountain valley is only accessible over a toll road (currently €5). This limits the amount of traffic in the valley.
4. The main attractions in winter are long walks, Nordic skiing through the valley or snow-shoe walks - these are all possible directly from the hotel. In summer, you can explore the surrounding untouched mountain meadows and the protected woods: Jogging routes, easy as well as hard hiking routes, Nordic walking, biking or walks along the mountain streams and clear lakes are included in the highlights.
5. Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted in the open air, when the weather allows.
6. The »Garden Wing« is South facing and is built into the hillside. Consequently, it seamlessly fits into its surroundings and is invisible when looking from the »Mary Portman« house. The building is covered on three sides by soil and therefore is ideally insulated and energy efficient.
7. The bathroom products (soap, shampoo, lotion) are refillable. They are delivered from a regional manufacturer and contain only herbal base ingredients. The products are not tested on animals.
8. All external lighting is controlled by a number of timers to avoid unneccesary use of electricity.
9. The hotel uses gas to create heat. In 2014 a Block heating station as well as a photovoltaic facility were installed. These untis help to generate about 80% of the hotels electricty requirement. The warm water generated from this process is used to heat the pools.
10. Our own mountain spring provides the hotel with fresh, mineral rich, quality controlled drinking water.
11. The sewage is removed through the communal system and processed by the council in Krün. This ensure the protection of the local mountain streams.
12. The rubbish is seperated and disposed of environmentally. We endeavour to become free of plastics.
13. Through purchasing agreements with a neighbouring hotel, the number of delivery vehicles in the valley is reduced. The towels are all washed in-house.
14. We pay attention to obtaining locally sourced products, some examples include:
a. Chesse from Käserei Ettal, Hochalp Allgäu, Oberbayern as well as sheep's milk cheese from Roppen in Tyrol.
b. Meat from Oberland Tyrol and the butchers Holnburger - Miesbach, Oberbayern
c. Muesli from Verival BIO Urkorn, Langkampfen, Tyrol.
d. Fish from the fishery in Leutasch, Tyrol, Thomas Angerer
e. Alpine caramel milk and Quince jelly from Udo Schönthaler in Mittenwald, Oberbayern.
f. We purchase our fruit and vegetables from local suppliers and aim to buy biological products from authorised farmers.
15. The in-house bakery starts at 3 A.M. and produces aromatic, fresh bread for breakfast. Made from the best flour, butter and salt! The in-house pastry shop spoils the guests daily with a variety of cakes, strudels and tarts, which look like small works of art.
16. We compliment our menus with herbs from our own herbal garden. We avoid putting artificial preservatives in our homemade jams. We produce our own teas from the dried herbs out of our own garden. A number of our Spa treatments and products are based on produce from the herbal garden.
17. We use cosmetics from natural sources in our Spa. MASSADA is a holisitic, bio certified natural cosmetic line with a wide range of natural and mineral based products. The cosmetic line THALGO uses the advantages of the ingredients from the sea: the maritime product algae builds the basis for the products.
18. Kranzbach rents 25 E-bikes and 4 mountain bikes so that you can experience the surrounding nature in a relaxed manner without harming the environment.
19. 17 charging points are situated in the garage for electric cars so that you can have an environmentally friendly arrival and departure.
20. More and more guests travel using the environmentally friendly train. Kranzbach offers a complimentary pick-up service between the train station in Klais and the hotel.
21. We have a bank account with the GLS bank. They are the first social and environmentally friendly bank.

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