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The Herb Garden in Kranzbach

A unique combination of herbs, medicinal plants, flowering plants and berries.

Come and visit our Kranzbach herb garden and meet our herb expert Susanne Erhart. She has developed a particularly special herb garden in Kranzbach. This has been achieved through hard work and a good knowledge about; the layout of the bed, cultivation methods, rooting plant cuttings, seed extraction and the treatment of the plants.

The kitchen team makes great use of the products from the herb garden – to improve the quality of their dishes and the Spa department uses the ingredients for their treatment programs.

Smell, taste and enjoy the many herbs and plants in our garden. You may tour our herb garden at any time, but please with care and consideration.

A special experience is to have a guided tour with Susanne Erhart. These occur from May to October on Tuesdays and Thursdays (timings according to the Weekly Program).

"The engagement of soil and plants can offer a similar relief and peacefulness to our soul as meditation.“

Hermann Hesse

The special combination of herbs, medicinal plants, flowering plants and berries allows a multifaceted harvest:

  • Edible flowers and plants
  • Herbal teas
  • Herbs for the kitchen
  • Herbs for use in the Spa treatments
  • Herbs for bitter powder
  • Mushrooms for the kitchen

We harvest the herbs professionally before midday because during this time they have the highest concentration of ingredients.

The harvested flowers and herbs our laid out in Kranzbach to dry. You can follow this process as it happens. The finished products like teas, herbal blends and herbal salts can be purchased at the reception.

What makes the Kranzbach herb garden so unique?

  • Approx. 130 different herbs and medicinal plants, some of which are rare.
  • The elevation of the hotel at 1030m induces a shortened season of growth
  • The seeding process focuses on quality and uses only organic original seeds
  • A raised bed was especially built for deep root herbs and medicinal plants
  • Coffee grains from the hotel are collected in a compost bed in order to grow biological mushrooms
  • The kitchen team has its own bed where regularly used herbs and vegetables are grown
  • Over 200 roses and sunflowers create a natural wall around the herb garden

How is the soil prepared and nurtured?

  • The beds are turned using copper gardening tools.
  • The soil is treated with effective micro-organisms that improve the conditions in the soil and the nutrient quality of the plants, and as a result allow healthy and strong plants to grow.
  • The application of mycorrhiza fungal cultures additionally improves the absorption capacity of the plants
  • Primary rocks are used to enrich the soil with nutrients
  • With the heat-loving herbal plants, the original wax conditions are supported with garden lime

Susanne Erhart – the herbal fairy with green fingers

Susanne Erhart lives in Tirol and since 2013 operates her own, ‘show garden’.

Her passion has become her profession. She has completed a degree in health promotion, as well as a number of education courses in the use of medicinal herbs and plants. In addition, she has attended many training courses about mixed cultivation, permanent agriculture, cultivation methods and the fermentation of foods. She particularly enjoys the cultivation of medicinal plants and the creation of natural cosmetics.

In Kranzbach she combines all of her experience together and is our expert for the Kranzbach herb and medicinal plant garden.

The elevation as well as the location in Kranzbach provides its own challenges. We are caring for a trial garden, which remains in continual development.

Susanne Erhart is in Kranzbach from May to October every Tuesday and Thursday for the whole day.

She enjoys informing the guests about the garden. Guided tours of the garden occur according to the weekly program.

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