Bathing in Light –Helps against depressive moods and fatigue.

Light therapy originates in Sweden and is used there against „winter depression“.
The self-healing powers are activated. It is excellent for harmonizing the inner balance and restoring general well-being. The combined effect of coloured light and singing sound therapy – depending on colour choice – can be calming, balancing or revitalizing.

Colour-Light & Singing Bowl Therapy

ca. 50 min € 70,--
ca. 80 min € 100,--

During singing bowl therapy, standing bells are placed on the clothed body and struck. The soft and harmonious tones are absorbed by hearing and quickly lead to deep relaxation. The rhythmic sound vibrations are transmitted to the body and produce a fine vibration that is often described as a "massage".

The accompanying light therapy supports the health-conducive effect. To do this select from the following programs.

You can choose from the following programs:

Program 1:Vibrant Life
Activating red enlivens and brings new energy.

Program 2:Joy of Vitality
Orange evokes joy and alleviates muscle ache due to overexertion.

Program 3:Just be happy
Golden yellow coloured sunbeams refresh the body, mind and soul.
A ray of hope during wintry and rainy weather.

Program 4:Ocean Dreams
The turquoise coloured lagoon harmonises, calms and stimulates the natural healing powers.

Program 5:Blue Sky
Relaxation and inner peace. Ideal on dreary days and also against sleeping disorders.

Please attend the colour therapy-singing bowl massage in light training clothes.

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